Sunday, May 8, 2011

iLoveToCreate: Butterfly Mother's Day Card

and thought it would be perfect for a gift for my Mom and Grandma from the girls. 
(I'm a big fan of handprint projects... here were the girl's Valentines this year to my family.)

There was just one problem.  I didn't want each girl to make one for each Grandma... that seemed excessive.  I also didn't want one handprint from each on each one... that seemed lopsided. 

So, I came up with a little tweak to the idea:  Stack them up!

I put the oldest's handprint in back and the youngest's in front.  I think this totally makes the butterfly look fun and colorful! 

I reached into my iLoveToCreate stash and grabbed the Aleene's Stiffen-Quik for the ribbon.  I love how it keeps the butterfly's antenna sticking straight up!! 

The poem reads:

This isn't just a butterfly, as you can plainly see.
I made it with my hand, which is a part of me.
It comes with lots of love, especially to say
I hope you have a very
Happy Mother's Day

We attached the card with the poem to the butterfly with a mini clothespin and the Grandma's Loooved them!

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  1. I love this and I am totally going to steal it for my students to do next year! :o)


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