Tuesday, September 7, 2010

John's Project: Antique Wheel Light

Sometimes it is funny how things work out.  John had been looking for an old wheel to make into a light fixture for a few weeks, however eBay + shipping was not quite going to fit into our budget.  One Saturday we went yard sale shopping and he happened to find this 1930's Ford wheel.  The owner had already sold the other 4 for a pretty penny, but he found this one afterward and was looking to get rid of it for the bargain price of $5!!  [I didn't get a before photo, but it was covered in rust.]

To remove the rust, John soaked the wheel in 'Evapo-rust' (found at a harware store) for a few hours.  He then sealed it with some spray clear coat to prevent any future rust.   

He found a round light fixture ($10 at Home Depot) that fit perfectly into the middle of the wheel and secured it with some angle aluminum.

Finally, he cut a piece of textured plastic board to fit the inside of the wheel which diffuses the light slightly and gives a great finishing touch!

Voila!  A beautiful antique wheel repurposed into a creative lighting fixture.  It now rests (bolted!) on our bedroom plant ledge. 

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