Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Cupcake Birthday: Cupcake Aprons

A few posts back, I showed the cupcake clips that were the true inspiration behind the cupcake party.  Once those were made, the rest started to fall into place. 

I wanted to have a sprinkle bar for decorating cupcakes and then to have the kids make their own pizzas.  If this was going to be a cooking party, then the kids needed aprons.  I found these aprons that just so happened to have the best reviews and be the least expensive... score!   They would make a perfect party favor as well.  I opted to not have the kids decorate their own aprons, because I wanted them to use them right away, but they needed some decor in my opinion, so I went to work...

  • Fabric, pink and brown, cut into 6 x 8 inch pieces (this is the size that fits on the Silhouette mat)
  • Wonder Under (or the Silhouette brand fabric interfacing)
  • Silhouette, custom cutting machine (or a very good cutting hand!)
  • Sewing machine with pink and brown thread
  • Iron
  • Pink or Red buttons to use as a cherry

  • Iron fabric interfacing onto fabric (follow directions on the package)
  • Use the Silhouette machine (or a pair of scissors) to cut the tops and bottoms of the cupcake shapes out of the interfacing [if using the Silhouette machine, there are a variety of different cupcake shapes available on the online store]
  • Peel off the back of the interfacing and iron the shapes into the desired spot on the aprons
  • Sew inside the shapes with a wide straight stitch.  I went a few times around each one on the top to give a little more 'shabby' effect.
  • Add a red button cherry to the top of the cupcake

Friday, April 8, 2011

iLoveToCreate: Cupcake Ribbon Sculpture clip

My olderst daughter just turned SIX!  I planned a little Cupcake-themed party for her and some of her friends and I decided to get a little crafty.

I bought a clip like this at a boutique and thought it was adorable, but they didn't have as many as I would need for her friends at the party. 

{cupcake hair clips attached to party aprons}

Here is where my 'I can make that' drive came in. 

I found my supplies...
  • Small pink polka-dotted 'Korker' ribbon {this just refers to how you coil the ribbon and set it}  More information on that here.
  • Green ribbon for wrapping...
  • Hair clips (I used the alligatior style)
  • White, brown, or other color ribbon for cupcake bottom
  • Hot Glue
  • Aleene's Stiffen Quik and STOP Fraying
  • Fabric Scissors

Cut 4, 5 inch strips of white ribbon at a time and lay them on a paper plate.  Spray with Aleene's Stiffen Quik and microwave 30 seconds to speed stiffening process. 

Fold the stiffened ribbon as shown, glueing down the center and trimming the edges. 
You could also trim off the point at the top, if desired.

Use the Aleene's STOP Fraying (or a candle/ lighter) to melt the edges of the ribbon and keep it from fraying.

Take a rope of your korker ribbon and hot glue one side into the corner of the cupcake bottom, as shown below.

 String the ribbon across to the left side.  Glue as you go making sure to not pull the ribbon too tight.

Follow diagram beolw, gluing the ribbon back to the right side and again across the top.

Be sure to leave enough ribbon at the end to tuck in the back.

Cover your alligator hair clips in ribbon.  Remember to STOP Fray the ends of the ribbon.

Hot glue the finished cupcake to the covered clip.  Be aware of which side you would like to clip it into your hair.  My daughters wear their clips on the right side, so I made sure the clips opened to the right.  

Spray whole cupcake now with Stiffen Quik to set the whole 'sculpture'.  My ribbons aren't going anywhere!

Aren't the just adorable?!?! 

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