Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Cupcake Birthday: Cupcake Aprons

A few posts back, I showed the cupcake clips that were the true inspiration behind the cupcake party.  Once those were made, the rest started to fall into place. 

I wanted to have a sprinkle bar for decorating cupcakes and then to have the kids make their own pizzas.  If this was going to be a cooking party, then the kids needed aprons.  I found these aprons that just so happened to have the best reviews and be the least expensive... score!   They would make a perfect party favor as well.  I opted to not have the kids decorate their own aprons, because I wanted them to use them right away, but they needed some decor in my opinion, so I went to work...

  • Fabric, pink and brown, cut into 6 x 8 inch pieces (this is the size that fits on the Silhouette mat)
  • Wonder Under (or the Silhouette brand fabric interfacing)
  • Silhouette, custom cutting machine (or a very good cutting hand!)
  • Sewing machine with pink and brown thread
  • Iron
  • Pink or Red buttons to use as a cherry

  • Iron fabric interfacing onto fabric (follow directions on the package)
  • Use the Silhouette machine (or a pair of scissors) to cut the tops and bottoms of the cupcake shapes out of the interfacing [if using the Silhouette machine, there are a variety of different cupcake shapes available on the online store]
  • Peel off the back of the interfacing and iron the shapes into the desired spot on the aprons
  • Sew inside the shapes with a wide straight stitch.  I went a few times around each one on the top to give a little more 'shabby' effect.
  • Add a red button cherry to the top of the cupcake

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