Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cupcake Party: Chef's Hat with Coffee-Filter Flower

This is a craft the kids did at my daughter's recent cupcake birthday party!  The kids would be decorating cupcakes and making pizza, so a chef's hat fit right in with the cooking theme.

The Chef's Hats were found here.  I found them to be of decent quality, however they need to be stapled in the back once they are sized to the child's head.

I saw this idea for the coffee filter flower and modified it to fewer cupcake liners and coffee filters to make it easier for the kids.
Gather your supplies:
  • Chef's Hat
  • 6 coffee filters
  • 3 regular sized cupcake liners 
  • 1 mini cupcake liner
  • 1 Button
  • Plain old school glue

  • Glue together two coffee filters, turning the second upside down on top of the first
  • Glue a third coffee filter correct side upon top of the others... this creates a more fluffy flower bottom.  Let this dry, if possible.
  • Fold the last three coffee filters in half and then half again, creating pie shaped pieces.
  • Glue the three coffee filters on the flower bottom 
  • Fold three cupcake liners in half and then half again, making pie shaped pieces.
  • Glue cupcake liners on top of coffee filters. 
  • Glue the mini cupcake liner on top of the others. 
  • Glue a button into the middle of the flower 
  • Glue the entire flower onto the front of the chef's hat. 
  • Embellish otherwise, we had the kids add their names to the front with name stickers (photos to come soon).
  • Size the hat to the child's head and staple the back... enjoy!

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