Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cupcake Party: Cupcake Decorating Bar

As part of the on going saga that was my daughter's 6th birthday party, here is the next installment!
the Cupcake Decorating Bar

The idea was to have each child decorate two cupcakes... one they would take home and one they would have at the party.  I have to say, it worked pretty well... and I love the way it looked. 

  • Variety of Sprinkles... I had 6 different types found at a local cake decorating store
  • Chocolate and Vanilla frosting, portioned into individual sized cups
  • Vanilla frosting and food coloring, mix different colored frosting and add to smaller piping bags with fancy tips or decorating squeezers like the ones shown below (they are from Pampered Chef)
  • Cherries
  • Plastic spoons and Knives for spooning sprinkles and spreading frosting
  • To-go containers, preferably with a spot to put a name
  • Sticks or flags to add to the cupcakes to be eaten at the party
  • Premade cupcakes... I had 5 different types
The directions read:
Decorate 2 (cupcakes)...put 1 (cupcake) in a box to take home,
add a stick to the other one to eat at the party
The five types of cupcakes... they chose two
The birthday girl (on the right) decorating with a friend.
Completed cupcakes ready to be eaten at the party.
The to-go containers ready to go home with each of the party-goers!

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