Friday, March 11, 2011

iLoveToCreate: Fabric-Covered and Stenciled Bulletin Boards

I am a chronic clearance shopper.  Sometimes it is a good thing, and sometimes it leads to excess 'stuff' in our house.  These bulletin boards, found in a clearance bin for $2.50 a piece, have been laying around my house for a few years.  I knew they would eventually go well in the office or one of the girl's rooms, but I was never entirely motivated to get the hung up. I am kind of glad I didn't because the colors don't really go with anything and recently I actually had some inspiration on what to do with them.

I took some of the fabric I had bought to accessorize Hannah's room and went to work covering each of the four bulletin boards.  I just cut the fabric and hot glued it to the back, pulling tight.
I raided my stash of iLoveToCreate products.  I knew I wanted to use a different Tulip Sticky Fabric Stencil in each of the boards, and I didn't want everything to be too 'matchy' to I got out a variety of fabric paint options.
I am a big fan of the sticky fabric stencils.  They are peel and stick, and they seem to re-stick pretty well.  I started with the bird in one of the corners.
I used Tulip Fabric Spray Paint for the bird.  I just added some paper towels around the sides to make sure the overspray didn't get on the fabric.
On the butterfly I used a sponge and applied some Tulip Soft Fabric Paint and then added some Tulip Fashion Glitter while the stencil was still on.
On the next one I did a purple butterfly, and opted for the Tulip Glitter Spray Paint to glam it up a bit. 
When all the boards had been stenciled, I added a little bling with some Tulip Heat Set Crystals and Tulip Heat Set Tool.
Once everything was dry, we hung them on the wall...
...and started adding photos!  I just did a few, because I want Hannah to be able to add the things she loves.
This was a very functional project, but my Husband pointed out that it kind of matched the Decopauged Fabric Canvases I made a few months ago.  I think they will have their own look once they are completely covered in photos and artwork.  I think I will also try to add a heading above them in vinyl or something.  Do you have any ideas to give it a little pizzaz?

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