Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fabulous Finds: Scales

A few fabulous finds over the past few months!

I have been on the lookout for reasonably priced scales for awhile.  I was planning on using them for decoration, but some of the prices on Etsy were a bit high (in my opinion). 

I was up in Coarsgold (a small community on the way to Yosemite) doing a photo session and stopped at a side of the road antiques/junk sale and found this beauty... $5!!  It doesn't exactly work properly, but it has the look I was going for, so I was happy.  John actually painted the top and dial a oil-rubbed bronze color and cleaned up the face a little...perfect!
This scale was found (by John) in an antique store in Oakurst (another small community in the same area) for $28... we had seen some similar on eBay and Etsy for anywhere from $50-$200 so I was so excited by this find!  This one really does work and looks great in our kitchen.  We use it to weigh the produce we have gotten from our citrus trees this winter. 

You never know what you can find and where... plus having a hubby that travels daily has it's perks ;-)

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