Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Record Display | Home Decor

I truly have a wonderfully talented Husband!

I need to share every last one of his projects/restorations because he is awesome at thinking up these things and then making them a reality.

A few weeks ago we picked up these old Disney record sleeves at a yard sale for $2 (they were just the sleeves, no records included).  I had an idea awhile ago to collect records for Claire's wall, but had never really pushed the idea because I had no idea how we would put them on the wall... frame?  ...shelf with ledge?? 

So when we found these, John was officially motivated to get something up on her HUGE green empty wall. 

Basically, he split a 2x4 and made a frame, then covered the frame with moulding! The record sleeves just lean up against the wall and could be rearranged if we wanted.

Claire's room has been a slow-to-come-together project.  As far as decor goes, that seems to be my MO... I don't like to commit to a decoration unless I LOVE it.  Until then, things are a bit of a hodge-podge. 

It's definitely getting to a point where her room makes me smile :-)

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