Thursday, November 4, 2010

Project: Lemonade Stand

As a family we enjoy getting up early every now and then on Saturday mornings, grabbing a donut  (or two), and hitting a few yard sales.  This summer  we went to one yard sale where there were two little girls selling lemonade.  The girls thought that was just about the coolest thing EVER. 

They asked John if he could build them their own stand. 

He agreed.  Thinking it might happen at some future point.  The girls were persistant though, and John drew up plans and had it built by the NEXT day :)  ... What a sweet Daddy!

Here is John putting his miter saw to good use building the frame.

The frame of the stand.  John's idea was to use fence pickets to make the front of the stand.  I think it looks great!  The girls wanted it to be pink ;-)

Particle board for the top, and (not shown) the bottom shelf.  Chalkboard paint for the top sign made out of another fence picket.

And the Goober-girls putting the stand to good use!  They sold orange punch, pink lemonade, and danishes.  I am looking forward to them using the stand many times in the future :)

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