Wednesday, January 12, 2011

iLoveToCreate: The letter 'H', wrapped canvas project

Happy New Year!   I am finally back to business on blogging and am ready to get up to date on the projects completed (or started) in 2010 and move on to new projects this year!  Thank you to anyone that has been checking regularly to see if I have posted anything new... I will do my best to get a few posts up per week.  I am excited to see where this blog will be by the end of 2011!

I am not exactly sure what to call this project.  I found a cardboard letter 'H' on clearence at Michael's and knew that it would work somewhere in my daughter Hannah's room.  It wasn't all that large so I was hoping that I could think of something to give it a little pizzaz.  The final product reminds me of a giant rubber stamp or old-style newsprint letter.  Either way, I was happy with the outcome :)

As I have mentioned before, Collage Pauge is my friend.  If I am not careful my walls will someday be entirely covered in this stuff... and I am only a little bit kidding... ;)

So, for this project I used:
  •  Matte-finish Collage Pauge
  • an 8x10 canvas
  • two complimentary colors of fabric
  • Cardboard letter H
  • Foam brushes
  • rotary fabric cutter

I cut one of my fabrics a few inches larger than my canvas.

Than I cut out the corners, making sure to leave enough fabric to cover the corners of the canvas. 

Using a foam brush, paint the front of the canvas liberally with Collage Pauge (CP),  line up the fabric and place it over the top, smoothing it out the best you can.  Paint another layer of Collage Pauge (CP) over the top. 
Starting at one edge, paint on the Coallge Pauge (CP) and pull the fabric over the edge adding another layer of CP over the top. Work you way around the edges and back of the whole canvas. 

This is what my edges looked like....

For the letter H, I cut the fabric large, but had to get creative and do another layer of fabric over the top as there was not enough to cover all of the brown cardboard.  Does that make sense?  Use the CP in a similar manner as above, doing the front first and working out to the edges and back, pulling the fabric smooth, and painting the CP over the top.
So, there were two layers of fabric over this H.  If I were mass producing these I would try to find another way, but for my decorative purposes it worked out well. 

And, the final product!  After both pieces had dried I used some Aleene's Original Tacky Glue to adhere the H to the canvas.
Here is the final product, displayed on a frame easel in my daughter's very purple room! 


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