Tuesday, January 25, 2011

iLoveToCreate: Christmas "PEACE" decor

I did get a chance this past fall to get a few Christmas projects done.  This PEACE sign was a 'use what you've got' project.  My friend was having a craft day, and had a number of these wooden plaques available.  I had just gotten a Sillouette machine and was going to try to use it.  I have the paint, vinyl, Christmas paper, and Collage Pauge on hand... and I got the fabulous hinges at ReStore (more on this later)!  Voila!  Cute Christmas decor!

1. Paint wooden plaques and hinges
2. Collage Pauge Chirstmas paper onto plaques.
3. Choose font and size and cut out the letters for 'PEACE'
4. Stick on vinyl letters and seal with Collage Pauge
5. Once dry, attach at the back with hinges.

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