Saturday, February 5, 2011

Project: Old Window Sign

John found this old window at ReStore, and got to work on a little project...

We both really liked this font, so he printed out our names and the 'est. 2004'. 

He covered the back of the window with contact paper and taped the printed words to the front. He then traced the letters and cut them out of the contact paper with an Xacto knife. See the photo below. (This was a very tedious process, possibly not the most efficient either, but it did ge the job done.)

He sprayed the back of the glass with some Frosted Glass Spray, and carefully peeled the contact paper away. 

The spray worked, but we thought it was a little light so John painted a piece of cardboard black and added it to the back of the window to make the frosted part of the glass stand out more.

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