Wednesday, February 9, 2011

iLoveToCreate: Love/Luck Reversable Blocks

These blocks are great!  Two holidays in one decoration!

One side says Love... 
and the other Luck.  Yes, those are the same blocks!  Basically, three sides of each are devoted to each holiday... and I am going to do my best to explain how to make a set of your own.

Supplies needed:
  • Four wooden blocks (mine are a fence post cut down to 3.5/3.5 squares) sanded down
  • Collage Pauge decopauge and a foam paintbrush to apply
  • Decorative scrapbook paper, three Valentine's patterns and three St. Patrick's patterns.  Cut paper to the size of the blocks - four of each pattern
  • Cut-out letters, either paper or vinyl - I cut white cardstock using my Silouette machine
Follow the diagrams below to figure the best way to arrange the paper...
I did my Valentine's paper first, applied my collage pauge and let it dry, then turned the blocks upside down to figure the best way to do the St. Patricks Day paper.  [The words for the opposite holiday will be upside down and not in the same order.  If you get to this point, you will understand.] 
It is very important to plan exactly where the paper will go!

I wanted to make sure I could see the proper holiday's color when the blocks were both set out four across (as above), and when they were set up on top of each other (as shown below).

  • Once I figured out where the paper was going to go, I painted a layer of the Collage Pauge onto the block and another onto the back of the paper then stuck them together and smoothed the paper out.  I have found this to be the best way to do Collage Pauge to avoid bubbles under the paper.
  • Repeat until all six sides of each block have been Collage Pauged...
  • Sand the corners and edges of the blocks with an electric sander. 
  • Distress the corners and edges with some distress ink or wood stain. 
  • Add another few coats of Collage Pauge to each block, allowing time to dry between each coat.
  • Voila!  Cute block decor for two different holidays!! 

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