Wednesday, August 17, 2011

iLoveToCreate: Repurposed Fabric Covered Bulletin Board

Poor Claire, my youngest daughter, has had bare walls for quite some time.  It's not for lack of thought or intention, it is just that I kind of have a phobia when it comes to decorating.  I want to LOVE what I put on my walls... for goodness sake, I will have to look at it EVERYDAY!  It has always seemed like a lot of pressure.  Pretty much the only reason things get put on walls around here is if John harps on me enough to get it ready, then he will hang it.

As was the case with this easy project! 

We like to call this our $1 Bulletin Board.  We spent a wopping $1 on the frame and had everything else on hand.  It was a great way to repurpose an old cork bulletin board as well. 

  • Frame - Ours was found at ReStore (it has a chip in the back was a gaudy gold color, so John painted it can't even see the chip when it is on the wall!)
  • Corkboard - We had an old board that was actually in our yard sale pile... John cut out the middle section to a size that would fit inside the frame with a utility knife
  • Fabric - enough to cover the board with a few inches extra on all sides
  • Stapler - Regular old office one, the staples in a staple gun would have gone through the cork
  • Hanging hooks, grabbers, fastening clips, or whatever you like to use to hang the final product (find at any hardware store)

  • Decide on your frame size and cut corkboard to fit inside the frame
  • Measure enough fabric to cover the corkboard, plus a few inches on each side.  Iron the fabric and place it wrong side up on your work surface

  • Go outside and spray the good side of the corkboard with Aleene's Tacky Spray
  • Quickly place the sticky side of the corkboard onto the wrong side up fabric
  • Start on one side pulling the fabric taught and stapling it down on the back of the coarkboard, work your way around until it is all stapled
  • **I also flipped the corkboard over and  placed a large, flat tray or book on the right side to make sure the fabric sticks to the cork, I left this for about 30 minutes to dry

  • Place covered corkboard into frame, we made sure ours stayed tight with fastening clips
  • Add picture hanging hardware and hang on the wall... (John did this part)

...and the final product!  Almost too pretty to add her treasured photos and memories :-)

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