Sunday, August 14, 2011

iLoveToCreate: Reverse-Stencilled & Spray-Painted Shirt

This is a great, fairly easy way to uniquely personalize a shirt!  My friend Brooke, co-owner of the fabulous Uptown Kids sale (a twice yearly consignment event held here in Fresno), came up with this idea and I have to say it seems to have worked out well!

First she decided that she wanted to rock a fun and unique shirt with her business initials... UPTK.

Tank top style shirt (or anything you would like personalized)
Tulip brand fabric spray paint (your could use several colors if that suits your fancy)
Vinyl - cut using the Silhouette machine
  • Choose a font and size that will work well for the letters of your shirt, then cut out your vinyl using your Slihouette, Cricut, or trace and cut with scissors.
  • Peel letters out of vinyl and place on your shirt

  • Cover your work area and spray fabric paint liberally around the stuck-on letters and around shirt until you have the desired effect
  • Peel off vinyl lettering and enjoy your creation!

  • Wouldn't this be a great craft for a kids party or camp? 
  • I thought the spray paint gave the shirt a cool effect and you could have a variety of outcomes depending on the amount of spray you want to use.
  • The vinyl worked really well and provided nice crisp lines... no bleeding paint!!
  • Add some spray glitter for a little more pizzaz!
**Thanks for sharing your idea Brooke!  I'm sure you will enjoy wearing it at this fall's consignment sale!!**

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